Professional instrument for
short-term rentals, ABnB, Hotels and Glamping
Professional instrument for
short-term rentals, ABnB, Hotels and Glamping
“The microhaus far exceeds my expectations. It feels bigger than it looks! And it’s ready to rent out as soon as it’s out of the box!” Mira Phong, Glamping Host, Joshua Tree, California.
“In our first year of hosting AB&B guests – we’ve had nothing but positive reviews and feedback! The technical support team within microhaus has been nothing but professional and incredibly responsive.” Ivan Donohue, ABnB host in Portland, OR
“I ordered tiny houses from multiple developers. This is the only one that was actually delivered and on time.” David Davidson, Real Estate Developer, Newport Beach, CA
5 stars reviews -
5 stars reviews - easy!
Luxury MicroHaus - Private Yard & AC (Alberta Arts)
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Tiny home hosted by Ivan
August 2022

“So much fun! …The shower was AMAZING and it is a lot more spacious then it seems.”

August 2022

“Really nice efficient use of space in the microhaus, and the private outdoor area was fantastic.”

September 2022

“Intrigued by the microhaus design… It’s plenty spacious for solo traveler and very clean, the bed is comfortable and there is plenty of hot water… I enjoyed my stay and it was a great way to check out the tiny house!”

September 2022
“It was such a neat experience that we would definitely do it again! The place was very clean… this stay was one of a kind.”
September 2022
“ If you’re an entrepreneural techie kind of person that wants to explore the latest in tiny house technology, then you need to book a stay here and try it for yourself!”
September 2022
“The pod is fantastic. In a great location and has everything you would need for solo travel. I thought is was a good space, great value for money in a fantastic location.”
October 2022

“Perfect location!! It was a super cool rental unit, and definitely offered a unique experience!”

image 6
October 2022

“This pod is lovely! It made me feel like I was in Star Trek! So clean, so cozy. Love! 10/10 would recommend.”

October 2022

“I enjoyed staying in the MicroHaus itself, and exploring “living” in a tiny house and the challenges and solutions it presents– it was an engaging experience. The best part was that it has a great air filtration system– there was a lot of smoke from forest fires the last day i was there, and I had no idea when I was in the MicroHaus. No smell at all.”

October 2022

“The tiny house has all the basics you need while also feeling like you’re in a luxury European space pod. It’s great!”

October 2022
“I had an awesome experience with the tiny house!”
November 2022

“This place was absolutely perfect for my daughter. She could not have been happier in her “pod”, and I felt good about it because it seemed super safe, warm and cozy.”

March 2023
“The microhaus was an incredible cool and fun experience. The thoughtful design and living area of the prototype is wonderful and comfortable. Very cozy with great modern finishes. It is perfect for one person on the go! I’d love to have one of my own”
March 2023

“We do recommend trying this beautiful space at least once! Way way cooler than staying in a hotel, very clean as well!”

March 2023
“Fantastic experience – modern, clean, nice. Good area, walking distance to Alberta – literally around the corner. No issues with street parking.”
March 2023
“Loved experiencing the Microhaus. Cozy.”
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microhaus Pro $89,990 + Estimated Taxes 9% + Approx. Delivery Cost $4,300

Disclaimer: current numbers are just an example. microhaus Pro $89,990 + Estimated Taxes 9% + Approx. Delivery Cost $4,300

plus you still own your microhaus as an asset
microhaus pays for itself
up to 15x
more profit for every sq.ft.
and 5-10x
less business start up costs
Disclaimer: This is just an example of a comparison between a microhaus Pro (120 sq.ft.) and a traditional single-family house (1940 sq.ft.) for rent. Rental rates are $448 and $750 total for the entire place for three days in Orange County, California. Cash purchase costs are Total $110,000 ($89,990 microhaus Pro unit, 9% tax, $7,000 delivery and installation, $4,000 landscaping) and $1,949k ($1,790k traditional house, $87k renovation, $55k appliances and furniture, $6.3k insurance, $9.2 property taxes, etc). Financing fees may dramatically increase the real cost of the traditional house.
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Q4 2023

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